Brulee Catering + Food Service on the Road

Brulee Catering and Food Service is a leading organization in the creation and distribution of Food Products and Services, we want to reach those customers that are not able to reach us, so we have created our Customized Food Delivery Truck.

We want our customers to experience the quick and convenient taste of a real-time quality food. This concept tightly focused our team interacting with the customer providing instant insights into menu and food preferences.

Brulee Food Service Catering on the road

The Mobile Food Market has grown tremendously just like us.

The Brulee Food Service – Food Trailer

Brulee Food Trailer

Brulee Catering and Food Service is thrilled to offer our food trailer service. Our 18’ long food trailer has a full kitchen that allows us to cook anything you can find on our expansive and diverse menu. The best part is we will cook everything on-site and to order so you will always have the fresh quality food you expect from Brulee.

The Food Trailer can be rented either with a full catering staff or as a stand alone kitchen on wheels.

Book our Brulee Food Trailer for your event

Impress your guests with the Brulee Food Trailer mobile kitchen when hosting an event for your company or organization. We can roll right up to your event and serve up gourmet flavors, pleasing guests of all ages. We understand sometimes the headcount can change when hosting large events and we are flexible enough to be able to handle additional orders as needed, on-site. You can expect our kitchen on wheels to provide up to 400 meals for your event at any time, in addition to offering full-service catering for the small backyard affair.

Hosting an event in South Florida is a great experience for everyone who attends. One of the challenges for event organizers is planning for the right amount of food. You can rely on our catering service to deliver the food you need. Brulee service and presentation ensure a memorable experience that brings impact to any function! Whether a breakfast meeting, holiday party, wedding or a convention, we can accommodate any size group. It will be an experience unlike any other they’ve had so you’ll be sure to impress!

Serve fresh and delicious food, and the latest culinary trends from our kitchen on wheels.

Brulee Food Trailer Kitchen
Brulee Food Trailer Interior

Our kitchen on wheels is designed to make your life easier as an event planner or organizer. We know selecting the perfect menu can be difficult when you have a lot of people with a varied palate to feed. You can provide them with all the options they want with our kitchen on wheels, allowing you to serve fresh and delicious food, and the latest trends in culinary art from our Brulee menu.

Brulee Food Truck
Brulee Food Truck
Food Truck Brulee Food Service

We represent the local, the fresh, the fusion, the authenticity and hip all in one dining experience.

Brulee on the road Food Catering